Mysterious Fires in Lucknow, India.

Another outbreak of mysterious fires was taking place in the Indira Nagar, an upmarket residential area of the city of Lucknow in late May. The report below appeared on the Aajkal live news site on May 27.

Mystery: A house that catches fire five times a day
May 27, 2018

Report: Shiva Sharma

Lucknow. A family in the capital of the state is nervous and frightened. The family is forced to vacate their house and spend the day and night outside. This fear on the family is not hovering because of being buried under some debt, nor is it because of some bully snatching their dwelling. The police who has been called has also given up in front of this fear.

A strange incident in this house situated in Pani Gaon area of the posh Indira Nagar locality of the city has not only driven away the sleep of people in the house but also of nearby people. After one disturbance in this house, not only the entire family, but the whole area is baffled. Now its ‘fire’ is spreading through the entire city.

Actually, there is an old ancestral house belonging to Ram Singh and his two brothers. The whole family of 3 brothers had been living together comfortably in this house since many years. But since Tuesday afternoon, incidents of fire occurring in many parts of the house have come to light.

The first incidence of fire seemed to be just a coincidence, but 5 to 6 fire incidents in a day started creating questions in the minds of people as to how and why the fire was occurring without any reason. Children and women present in the house came under the shadow of fear, hands and feet of children began trembling and the women wondered in their hearts – is there any evil invisible power inhabiting the house?

So in order to check this fact, the Live Today team inspected that house and also started investigating this unusual fire. The outer portion of the house did not tell much but wherever our camera reached, some burnt remains were seen there.

In many parts of the house burnt clothes were seen, while some burnt things were seen at other places, at some place a sack had caught fire, at another place fire was seen in the polythene covering some register. When investigation was conducted in many parts of the house, from the bottom portion to several places at the top, incidents of fire at about 14 to 15 places came to light.

The incidence of fire started on Tuesday and continued till Thursday night. Ram Singh’s son, frightened of this incident, asked for help at number 100. On reaching the spot, the police advised the people of the house and to approach an exorcist about the incident and went away.

Families of two brothers also live with Ram Singh present in the house, and the number of members of the house is 13, including men, women and children. Ram Singh is a driver by profession.

When asked about the mystery of this fire, he also does not know anything about this mystery. He says that after this incident, the whole family is frightened. Ram Singh has his wife Anita and 3 children along with him. There are also families of two other members. One is of Rama Singh’s elder brother Ramesh and other is of younger brother Ram Lakhan.

Ram Singh’s wife says that she does not know what anyone’s relationship is with this incident, but after this unusual fire, the children always remain afraid now.

When we talked to Ram Singh’s elder brother Ramesh, he said that such a thing has never happened in the family nor has he ever heard of such a thing. He says that he is now living in the shadow of fear and hopes that everything will be like before.

Due to this incident of mysterious fire, all the members of the house are living outside the house. All members of the house have to take tea, breakfast and water also outside the house. The members have tried many remedies told by the elders to get rid of the fire.

Burned chilies convey the message that the people of the house are trying to drive away some evil invisible power. Every member of the family is living outside the house and many women and men living nearby are present to spend time with the family living outside the house and give them courage.

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