Fire Poltergeist in Siyana Village, Rajasthan, India.

As I observed in an earlier post, fire poltergeist cases appear to be relatively common in Africa, Asia and India but relatively rare (or rarely reported) in the West.

The challenge is first determining whether they are pyromania rather than ‘pyro-poltergeistery.’ Some reported cases do turn out to be the former; in Thailand in 2015 reports of a fire poltergeist in a Tamot District, Phatthalunga house turned out be a hoax when the culprit was caught in the act by secretly installed video cameras.

An interesting new case from Siyana in India was reported on Indian news site on June 4 (with video). What’s really interesting to me about this case is that as well as the multiple outbreaks of fire, other very poltergeist-like events have been occurring. The report, translated below, mentions that animals have been tied up, photos are transported from the walls of the house to the courtyard and statues are vanishing.

This is one busy poltergeist.

Panic in village due to mysterious fire and superstition, villagers frightened

Police and Government have neglected, so superstition is growing more
Laxmansingh Rathod / Arjun Paliwal @ Rajsamand

Due to superstition because of mysterious incidents of fire and strange happenings in Vada of Siyana Panchayat a family has vacated their house. The happenings are unbelievable, but everyone is astonished over the incidents seen with their own eyes. Because of these events happening since the past two months, superstition is spreading fast among people living in nearby villages and people are also getting frightened. No investigation has been done by the police or the government, due to which the mystery of this fire has not been solved as yet, because of which superstition is getting a boost in the village.

According to information, mysterious incidents of fire and strange events are happening in the house, courtyard and barn of Kalusingh Solanki of Vada (Siyana) of Amet Subdivision. When family members come out of the house, fire occurs in the room or sometimes the grass and wooden logs in the barn start burning by themselves. Hurt by the strange incidents of tying up of cows, buffaloes or goats, tying of rope noose around the cattle on its own, Kalusingh has vacated his house. He went to live in an old house in the village, but the mysterious fire and strange events have not stopped even now.

Troubled with these types of strange events happening in the house, courtyard and barn, Kalusingh has not even been able to go to work since the last two months. Settled in another house, where photos hanging on the wall come in the courtyard, or sometimes statues of ancestors vanish from their place in the house. One cow of Kalusingh and one cow of Takhtsingh has died due to tightening of rope noose around their necks. Now the incidents of tying of rope noose around the neck in the same way, tying very tightly or getting loose from the posts to which they are tethered has become common among buffaloes and goats of Kalusingh. Also in Vada village, in the barn of Ratansingh Solanki also, two bales of fodder got burnt to ashes. On informing, fire engine also reached from Rajsamand but till then the fodder and wooden logs had turned to ashes. Similarly in Siyana also, fire broke out twice behind Ramlal Prajapat’s house due to unknown reasons, which also remains a mystery.

Yes strange incidents are happening

‘There is panic among the villagers in Siyana and Vada because of sudden outbreak of fire, cattle getting tied by ropes, two cows dying. One family has even vacated their house due to occurrence of strange incidents. Mysterious fire and strange incidents have now become a strange puzzle’.
Pyarelal, Patwari (Government Official) Siyana

What mystery, we will get it investigated

‘I had gone to Siyana and nearby Jetpura Panchayat just two days ago, but no one told me anything about the strange incident. Investigation report will be taken from Patwari and Gramsevak (Government Official posts). Also, if there is an atmosphere of fear and panic among people in the village, then they will also be counseled’.
Kaluram Khaud, Sub-divisional Officer Amet.

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  1. Great read. Thank you. In my book The Bothell Hell I document the poltergeist incident my girlfriend and I experienced in our home outside Seattle WA. Multiple fires in the home (3) Bible burning (1) Poster caught fire (2) Computer monitors burst into flames twice. All of this in addition to your typical geist like activity. Objects thrown. Wall writings, missing items and items appearing.

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