Poltergeist Cases 2022-2023

The Cropster keep a close watch on poltergeist cases globally. Here is my summary of interesting reports across the last two years. For those pages requiring translation – use ChatGPT. It does a great job!

February 2022. Nyanga, Zimbabwe.

Over a two year period, a Nyanga family endured an unseen force that seized cooking utensils whenever they attempted to prepare a meal. Josphat Matsidza, who was accused of stealing ritual stones from a villager’s bag, confessed and returned it, revealing his misfortune. Allegedly, the stones had spiritual significance, taken from where the villager’s father died in the war of independence. The mysterious force prevented the family from using spoons or cooking sticks, taking over the cooking process and placing the lid on the pot. Matsidza, abandoned by his family, pleaded for resolution in Acting Chief Saunyama’s court, seeking spiritual intervention. The case was adjourned to February 11.

Source: Zimeye Net, 7 February 2022.

April 2022. Rusape, Zimbabwe.

The Chikwara family in Rusape, Zimbabwe claimed they were repeatedly pelted with hot stones and their grass-thatched hut was mysteriously set ablaze. The family, traumatised and homeless after five strange fires, sought spiritual help to mitigate the attacks. The assaults, including vandalism of their shrine, escalated, leaving them without food and shelter. Photo.

April 2022. Raipur Village, Chhattisgarh State, India.

A series of mysterious fires has plagued the houses of brothers Roop Singh, Kanhai Pal Singh, and Virendra Singh in Raipur Village. Over six days, 100 fires erupted on walls, floors and cupboards. Inspections by the Chief Fire Officer yielding no discernible cause. The first incident occurred on April 1 in Roop Singh’s house, and subsequent fires unfolded at various times in the houses of the three brothers, leaving the community baffled and the mystery unresolved. Photos.


May 2022. Masasi Village, Mutare District, Zimbabwe.

For the past few years, the Chikukwa family in Masasi Village, Mutare District, endured bizarre attacks attributed to a vengeful spirit. Allegedly pelted by stones and assaulted by invisible beings, they resorted to living in a hovel for safety. The attacks intensified, with stones growing from pebbles to large rocks. Family members, including Wellington and Washington Chikukwa, dropped out of school due to the disturbances. Seeking help from prophets yielded no relief. Photo.

The Chikukwa family’s woes persisted as they were confronted with eggs strewn across their homestead, accompanied by needles, chillies, and charcoal. The names of four brothers are scribbled on the eggs, which vanish and reappear after a prophet’s intervention. The family sought guidance from five prophets, who suggested an internal family member might be behind the disturbing occurrences. The family’s attempts at spiritual healing proved futile. Photos.

October 2022. Subederbasti Village, Cachar, Assam, India.

Stones mysteriously rained on homes, thrown by a mysterious force, prompting villagers to guard their houses. Despite their efforts, the incidents persisted, with two villagers allegedly being “possessed” by the ghost’s spirit. The strange occurrences involved nightly stone pelting commencing at 9 pm. Unable to identify the source, villager resorted to worship in an abandoned temple. Following the rituals, the stone throwing ended. Photo.

November 2022. Haldawani, India.

Mysterious fires repeatedly broke out in the same house over ten days, leading the terrified family to abandon their home. The firehas left Kamal and his brother’s families in distress. Despite disconnecting the electricity, fires continued in various parts of the house. The authorities are preparing for a scientific investigation. The family suspects foul play, with fires occurring even after disconnecting the power. Similar incidents have occurred in Jaipur, Kasganj, and Kushinagar in the past, prompting families to abandon homes due to unexplained fires. Photos.


January 2023. Denizli, Turkey.

In the Sarayköy district of Denizli, a large family’s single-story house experienced six small-scale fires in different areas. Despite the fire department and investigation teams finding no suspicious circumstances, the family resorted to disposing of spontaneously burning items in the street, unable to enter their home. The family relocated their 9-month-old baby for safety and sought assistance from witnesses and concerned neighbors. Photos.


January 2023. Undkha Village, Barmer district, Rajasthan, India.

Stones rained down on three houses for several days causing fear and confusion among residents. One family reported stones falling from different directions, though no one was injured. Authorities investigated the incident, suspecting superstition or mischief. Family counselling was suggested, and during a half-hour observation, no stones fell. Photos.


January 2023. Khiriya Ghat Village , Jhansi District, India.

A farmer’s house mysteriously caught fire intermittently for three days. The incidents began while he and his family were sleeping, with the fire first erupting in the bed, then later in a locked cupboard. Villagers, witnessing the fires multiple times, speculated about a supernatural entity being responsible. The village was gripped by fear and panic, with residents staying awake at night. Authorities found evidence of fires in different parts of the house, with the source of the fires a mystery. Photos.


May 2023. Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India.

A local family claimed that items had burned in their house between 40-50 times, and despite the electricity supply being cut off the strange fires had continued. Photos.


June 2023. Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India (Probable Hoax).

A family was subjected to bizarre torment in an attempt to force them out of their home.. Hiralal Kumawat’s family in Sabdadra village fell victim to superstition, manipulated by a relative, Chandi Devi Kumawat. Claiming the presence of a spirit, Chandi Devi advised Hiralal’s family to leave their house. When they resisted, she began a campaign of night time stone-throwing to induce fear. The family endured 15 days of living in terror, sleeping separately due to thrown stones. A video exposed the plot, now under police investigation, originating from a land dispute with Chandi Devi’s family. Photos.


July 2023. Shanta Burman, Jateshwar. India.

Rocks were raining down on six houses, including those of residents Nabier Haque and Ziarul Haque. The inexplicable occurrences, transpiring day and night, left the community in fear and desperation to unveil the source. Two individuals sustained injuries from the falling rocks. Despite efforts, the mystery persisted, compelling residents to unite in search of a resolution. As tensions rose, Nabier Haque and Ziarul Haque contemplated reporting the eerie incidents to the police, while local authorities remained unaware of any official complaints.

August 2023. Sumy, Kargat District Novosibirsk, Russia.

A family claimed that a poltergeist was causing havoc in their home, overturning furniture sending kitchen utensils flying. The affected family, who had lived peacefully for 35 years in the house, sought help from local healers without success. A monk named Father Simeon from Novosibirsk intervened, read prayers and blessed the house. The mysterious events ceased after his intervention.


August 2023. Ramnagar, Madhiyal Region, India.

Stones had been falling continuously for the past week in the Madhiyal region of Ramnagar, causing injuries to several villagers. Local police conducted an investigation, without conclusion. Video and photos.


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