Poltergeist Throws Stones in Bindura, Zimbabwe

Residents of Garakai, a suburb in Bindura, around 88km north-east of Harare, are being terrorised by mysterious stone throwing according to the Bulaweyo 24 News of 17 October.

But that not all that’s being tossed around. The strange bombardment, which has continued for over a month, has included rubble, quarry stones and even donkey dung.

Poltergeists do tend to use whatever is handy.

Residents of Garikai suburb in Bindura claim that stones are being thrown at their houses daily, while the source of the stones is impossible to determine.

The Dzuda family at stand number 1684 claimed that they had been tormented for over a month by falling rubble, quarry stones and donkey dung coming from all directions. The attacks appear to be targeting houses, not people.

Some neighbours were afraid to share their experiences as it appears that anyone who expressed their unhappiness is attacked with stones thrown by the mysterious force. Members from an apostolic sect had failed to rid the area of the ‘spirit’.

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