A Poltergeist in Morocco

Mysterious fires and moving objects have terrified the residents of a house in Imilchil, a small town in the Midelt Province of central Morocco.

The original report appeared on the Moroccan Hespress media site on 30 September, with full translation below:

The burning “Mystery House” puzzles the inhabitants of Douar in Imilchil

“It is hard for a human mind to accept a fire in a house in the Imilchil area of Midelt province for no reason whatsoever for almost three months, leaving behind a panic in the whole family and material damage caused to the family by the situation in which it found itself.


In this regard, activists on Facebook, broadcast a video of the young people in the area talking about the “ Mystery House” that puzzled all the inhabitants of Imilchil, wondering about the reasons for the flare-up of those fires, which the owner of the house occasionally surprised by, demanding the authorities to interfere in the hope of saving the family from the homelessness hovering around them, where the state holds the responsibility for what will happen to the family.

The activists added that they did not trust the story of the burning of the “Mystery House”, but they replaced the doubt with certainty when the fire broke out in front of the house moments after joining the head of the family in a visit to check in and support them, and were convinced that there is a mystery in the house where the parents live with their children.

Therefore, they appealed to the authorities to intervene immediately, and bring everyone who can solve the mystery that bothers the family, whether it is scholars or sociologists or others. Ali Obnaha, the head of the family, confirmed in a phone call to “Hespress” on Sunday morning that he had been suffering from the burning fires for three months.

“Until this morning you contacted us, the house was burning and things are moving from place to another inside the house, and we don’t have any idea who moves things.”

Their son Mayoum, a father of five children, said in the same statement in the newspaper that neighbors and relatives were tired of helping them on a daily basis.

“People have come to support me and my children. They are excused because everyone here suffers from the same bad economic situation. They can barely feed their children, because of the lack of employment opportunities in the region.”

Ali, who is 41 years old, said that nearly 20 scholars and Sheikhs had visited the house and recited some verses from the holy Qur’an to protect the house, but to no avail. He was afraid that if he wanted to move to a new house in Douar, the owner of the house would refuse that for fear that his house might be cursed and then burned. He also said that they still spend the night in the house despite the fire to ward off the cold.

The head of the family is demanding immediate and urgent intervention to save him and his family from homelessness, because Imilchil is a mountainous region, and many snowfalls will double the plight of the family in winter if the situation continues as it is.”

The Hespress report included a video, with an ‘activist’ talking excitedly about events at the house. The English translation is as follows:

“Before two month now, we heard that fire ignites regularly, out of the blue, in this house. We, all, did not believe that. But, some students and youths of the region decided to make a visit in solidarity with region in order to make sure of the phenomenon. Once we get in this living room and drank a cup of tea, we went to discuss and see the scientific and metaphysical dimensions of the phenomenon. We were surprised that, after a few second, of the fire ignited, and you can see the ash in this video.

Accordingly, we implore the local and regional authorities as well as the government to immediately intervene. If they believe in science, we ask them to consult chemists in order to study this phenomenon. And for those who believe in religion, they can send and consults mullahs to religiously study this phenomenon. This because we were among those who do not believe in this phenomenon. But as we visited this region, we discovered it coincidently as you all the people can see.

There are among us here students here are well educated and aware as well as teachers to name nut a few. They are all witnesses of this situation. Therefore, we implore the state, and we appoint it responsible for all what has happened and will happen here. We also implore the benefactors, those who are knowledgeable in religion or in experimental sciences to provide help either through sharing this video or providing materialistic or moral help. We also want the mullahs to explain this phenomenon.

We will attach the phone number of the father of the family and the son they are suffering from this phenomenon for more than two months. The regional authorities have sent him two tents, and they were both burned. We are approaching winter which is very hard in Imilchil, wherein the temperature reaches minus 15 (-15). Thy will spend their nights outdoors.

Every night the fire ignites in his house. He told us that it had ignited before we came in moments, but we did not believe that as many of you will do. Still, we observed the place and the fire ignited in front of our eyes. Thus, we implore the state to intervene through sending experts in religion and chemistry to study this phenomenon while he is suffering from deterioration as well as the whole family.

His wife now has been feeling dizzy. As you can see she is in a coma, his children has become homeless, and he spends his nights outdoors, the fire regularly ignites in his house. Therefore, implore the state, the scientists, the religious mullahs, and the benefactors to immediately intervene to solve this puzzle, which has the topic of every discussion in the region. This man is known and poor. He barely covers his daily expenses as he is a daily worker. Now, the family spends the nights outdoors, though there is some help from the habitants of the region.

(Someone speaking Tamazight – a local dialect)

Even the habitants of the region have given up. They used to do their best to provide help to the family, but the repeated ignition of fire destroyed everything. People have become afraid of this phenomenon. As you can see we observed this phenomenon, but we could figure it out. I point the regional official; governor of the region and the whole authority of the state responsible until they solve this puzzle. Also responsible are the religious council of the ministry of religion and Islamic affairs and the ministry of environment.

Finally, we hope that benefactors would share this video on a large scale and/or to provide either materialistic or moral help to the family, as they can contact the phone numbers of the house owner and his son mentioned in this video. For everyone who can help, they should contact them at their phone numbers. And thank you.”

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  1. Yet another instance of SPC – Spontaneous Property Combustion (as contrasting to SHC – Spontaneous Human Combustion). We have scores of the former, 100s of the latter in our anomalous fires database. This one appears to have much too much documentation and too many witnesses for the Fire Service ‘experts’ to cavalierly dismiss, tho we are prepared to be surprised. (Being surprised is the norm for this field of forteana.) More than 80% of anomalous fires we have catalogued for the U.K. appear connected linearly. We wonder if other strange fires have erupted, or will burst forth, near this “Mystery House” in Douar. No mention of color of the fires – orange-red? blue? white? Apparently too, persons are not being burned this time around. A hyper-clever arsonist? Disturbed psychology? Poltergeist? Geophysics? All ideas and information welcomed.

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