The Virgin Weeps

There has been a significant cluster of reports of Marian phenomena across the Americas during the first half of 2018. This post will attempt to summarise the key cases covered in the media, starting with the most recent.

July 2018. El Paraiso, Honduras.

An image of the Virgin at the Shrine of St. James Campus of the Catholic University of Danli, El Paraiso began to weep in mid-July according to priest Juan Angel Lopez. Latribuna had the report.


19 May 2018. San Pedro, Soledad, Mexico.

A small image of the Virgin in the home of Maria Guadalupe began to cry a liquid similar to tears commencing on Sunday 9 May, according to Pulso.

15 & 17 May 2018. Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Lajornadet reports the Diocese of Jinotega claiming that an image of the Virgin Mary located in the Vicariate of St. Maximilian Kolbe had wept on Tuesday 15 May and Thursday 17 May. The events were supported with photographs and the testimony of local priest Rafael Rios Gadea.

Mid May 2018. Toabre, Panama. states that an image of the Virgin of fatima has begun to bleed from the forehead, nose and lips. The Catholic Church is investigating.


6 May 2018. Chonatales, Nicaragua.

Some devotees assured a Qhubo reporter  that they had seen a tear fall from the right eye of an image of the Virgin of Cuapa. Aurora Ubau José Duarte said at about 8:30 pm on the 6th of May he had seen the tear fall. He also said he prays the rosary daily and asks the Virgin to intercede with God to bring peace in the country.

May 2018. Hobbs, New Mexico, USA.

A Bronze statue of the Virgin at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs appears to be weeping an oily substance that smells of flowers. The phenomena appears to have commenced in mid-May.

25 April 2018. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

According to Gaudium Press, ‘abundant’ tears were observed on a statue of the Virgin in the House of Formation of the Heralds of the Gospel, in San José Pinula, near Guatemala City.

April 2018. San Jose, Costa Rica.

The same article in Gaudium Press states that a similar event took place at at the home of the Heralds of the Gospel in San Jose.

Early April 2018. Morroa, Sucre Department, Colombia.

Noticias Caracol reports that a figure of the Virgin Mary held in a private house had begun to weep oil.


March 2018. San José de Metán, Argentina.

Eltribuno describes how a small image of the Virgin owned by the Cold-Mendoza family of Granadero Diaz has shed tears of what appears to be blood 26 times in the past year.

February 2018. Ciudad, Jaurez. Mexico.

A plaster image of the Virgin in the Ramirez home has shed tears since early January reports Milenio.

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