A Poltergeist In Vastareina, Chechnya.

The following piece appeared on the southern Russia media site Obzor on 16 October 2019.

Poltergeist settled in the house of a resident of Chechnya. Video

Clergy invited to fight “evil spirit.”

On social networks and messengers there was information about an inexplicable phenomenon taking place in the house of a resident of the village of Vastareina in Chechnya – furniture spontaneously lights up there.

Judging by the published video, the fire set fire to a wooden bed and a sofa in the house of a resident of Chechnya. To expel the poltergeist, the man summoned representatives of the Islamic clergy who read verses from the Koran.


Official comments by authorities and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Chechnya regarding the unexplained phenomenon have not yet been made public.

A Poltergeist is a phenomenon of paranormal nature that is not associated with specific mystical creatures, such as ghosts or genies. The actions of the poltergeist are credited with knocking, steps and spontaneous movement of objects, including large-sized furniture and fires.

As reported by “Review”, the chief doctor working in Grozny Center of Islamic Medicine Adam Eljurkaev told reporters that he personally expelled from the possessed hundreds of genies who tormented them.

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  1. Needs a LOT more info. Superficial damage to foam underpads suggests a relatively low-temp combustion. Conversely absence of charred fabric in the photos suggests a much more intense, prolonged blaze. Poltergeists usually associated w/ humans, especially teenagers/pre-teens. Were such present in the environs? And can there be any supporting evidence at all for the doctor’s claim that he (ahem) “expelled … 100s of genies”?

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