Mystery Fires In West Monroe, Louisiana

A West Monroe family have experienced a spate of mysterious fires in their home since July this year. While KNOE8 coverage indicated electrical issues were the cause, some elements in the story suggest a poltergeist could be involved.

The Humble (!) family bought the trailer home in late 2018. It wasn’t long after that the strange issues started, according to Kris Humble:

“… the breaker tripped with the voltage meter on there and my daughter said it was the spark that flew it made a… mark right above the breaker box,” she told KNOE8 News.

“It started to get to do it more and more and more. It would start to do it maybe five or six times a day. And then by the time he got out here, it was doing it maybe forty to fifty times a day.”

“From the breaker box it’s damaged something in my trailer because those breakers were tripping over 100 times a day, and the voltage meter that my electrician put on there – it was registering 388.2. He said it’s not to go over 250.”

Along with the breakers malfunctioning, even stranger thing started to happen in the mobile mansion. The TV would flip channels and – unbelievably – charges would appear on her credit card.

Then came the outbreaks of fire through the house. The fire’s weren’t just on electrical equipment though, with items in the kitchen and bedroom burning. The family was forced to moved outside.

“We’re sleeping outside – we’re inside now, but we were sleeping outside, that tent right there was right here and I slept on that swing for over a week.”

The Ouachita Parish Fire Department fire department initially suggested the family had set the blaze themselves, but it has continued its investigation. A local electrician remains puzzled.

“He’s done checked everything in that house from one bedroom to the next bedroom, everything, cannot find one thing wrong.”

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  1. If only fire departments when confronted by confounding data – exceedingly high voltages in this case – would not “initially suggest the family had set the blaze themselves.” And again as with so much media reporting these days, so few details of interest to a fortean are in the article: “items in the kitchen and bedroom burning.” Combustible items only? Silverware? Mattresses? Color of the flames, if witnessed? Extent of damage? Self-extinguishing? Spontaneous credit card charges – SCCC? – is a new one to us, in over 4 decades of documenting all sorts of spontaneous fires. Eager to learn more …

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