A Poltergeist in San Marcos, Nicaragua

Earlier this year, Nicaraguan TV Station TN8 published a report detailing mysterious events at a home in San Marcos, a small community around 45 kilometres south of the capital, Managua. The original article is translated below.


A family of San Marcos is being tormented by evil spirits

Six members of a family claim to be living an ordeal in their humble home for six months [as] their house has been tormented by evil spirits.


Mrs. Chavarría is 55 years old and together her two brothers and three nephews have suffered the ravages of paranormal manifestations inside and outside her home, to the point that…several evangelical churches…have repeatedly visited to perform… prayers for the members of this family. Rosa argues that at first she believed that everything that happened in the house was normal but then everything began to get out of control.

“What we are going through is not easy and I do not wish it [on] anyone, both night and day there is no peace of mind. They start throwing stones over the house, it sounds like there is a rain of sand on the zinc [roof]. At night our beds move as if there are animals walking on the mattresses. The child sleeps with me and they [Crops: the ‘spirits’] bother me… they take his clothes off, they chase me when he is playing in the yard and the strange thing is that my little (boy) manages to see them. He says they call him and they have been inside the house, “says Rosa Chavarria with tears in her eyes and… a trembling voice.


The house is located at the entrance of Las Flores and its inhabitants claim to have no peace because what happens there is not normal, although for many it is hard to believe. The truth is that while we covered this unusual case our camera had problems and the LED light that was used inside the house kept blinking. The situation that that the family said the lights of the house at night (have) the same problem, although they have been repaired and changed countless times.

Inside the house there are four rooms and a small room. Leyla tells one of the members of this family who once met her youngest son when she heard a noise inside the house and upon entering they observed that one of the eggs of a hen… thrown… with no one inside the building…we managed to confirm that the shell of the egg was still [evident].

Brother Ernesto José Silva, a member of the Prophetic Missionary Ministry, came to this house because the family asked him for spiritual help to deal with what is going on in his house. He started a chain of prayers a few months ago when the situation was more chaotic within the place, and he effectively states that there are demonic presences…


“When I took the case right away I could perceive that in this place there are loose demons that are tormenting both the child and the adults. It is very strong, that is why we have subjected this case to fasting and prayer, here there are burials in one of the rooms that we intend to expel, but it is not yet time, we are declaring that this home is being free in the name of Jesus Christ and that these legions of demons leave here in the holy name of God our Lord,“ said Brother Silva.

Silva has more than ten years of dealing with these types of cases and states that it is not easy to deal with, things that are… very difficult to believe have happened at home. He states that during a prayer they were carrying out, a machete that was in one of the rooms he was [thrown] outward, passing a few centimeters from Leyla’s head without explanation, because no one was inside the room.

We talked with the boy of the house who is ten years old and [he says] that some small men call him when he plays and that he is not afraid of them, that on the contrary he [goes to] them but when he gets closer they disappear…

The truth is that this family attributes this situation to envious people who try to remove them from their property, but that they will not allow this to happen because they will submit more to God so that their home is released.

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