Stone Throwing Ghost in Amguri, India

Assam News channel PRAG featured what may be a stone-throwing poltergeist active in the town of Amguri in Assam state on May 25, 2019.


A translation of the video from the original Assamese is below:

There is a strange incident happening at Dikosu Maut gaon, of Amguri , Sibsagar. Two families of that village are facing a strange phenomena of rocks falling from nowhere on their houses. Though it is unbelievable for most of us, peoples of the neighbouring places now believe that some sort of evil spirit or ghost is throwing the rocks on those houses.

According to the report two relatives Dulal saikia and Pranjal saikia’s families were under the attack from the ghost continuously during the night (till 12 midnight) and again starting in the morning at 8 am.


The owners of the houses and other family members and other people who witnessed the incidents says that some evil ghost throws rocks on the houses and disappears, sometimes the occurrences happen continuously even in daytime.

They say the ghost doesn’t throws rocks on both houses at the same time. If one house is attacked by the stones, it stops on the other house. Sometimes, the rocks penetrate the roof and fall on the floor. The rocks are medium sized and enough to injure any human being on contact.

Despite the continuous throwing of rocks no one is able to find out from where rocks are being thrown from and who is throwing them. So, the families and the people who witness the incident are forced to believed that this is the work of some evil spirit or ghost.

People around the place are visiting those two houses and witnessing the incident in real time. People says this is the act of “BIRA”. This is a kind of evil entity widely believed in across Assam and its neighbouring area.

(A Bira is an entity which can be controlled by witches and dark magician to harm other people or do such things.)

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