Strange Falling Stones in Raigarh, India

Media site reported on March 16, 2019 that mysterious falling stones had been terrorising residents of Raigarh, a district of the state of Chhattisgarh. The report includes an interesting video showing local residents discussing the strange events. While stone-throwing within communities is fairly common across India, the facts of the case suggests a stone-throwing poltergeist may be active.


The report, and the video, are both translated from the Hindi below:

As night falls, the rain of stones starts from the sky.

Many are injured, the whole area is searched, but the stone-pelters cannot be found. The residents are troubled and night is spent in the shadow of fear.

Raigarh. In the Kotwali Thana area, for a few days showering of stones from the sky have started as the night begins in the Navagarhi area. Many people were injured because of these stones, also houses, shops and the goods of some people have been damaged too. The shocking thing about this incident is that no one can find who is throwing the stones and from where they are coming.

Nobody was found during the search.

People in the area live under threat because of this incident. Local people said that it has been happening continuously for five to six days. This makes people in the area feel insecure. The rain of stones starts at seven o’clock in the evening and continues until 11 p.m. Three people were severely injured by stone-pelting on the evening of March 15 due to stones falling on their heads. Injured people have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

In this regard, resident of Navagarhi Ward No. 10 Sakir Ali and father Sobarti Ali, told that on the 14th March, he had filed a written complaint in the Kotwali. In his complaint, Sakir has told how his family and the people of the area had been living in an atmosphere of fear by the stone-pelting. The house had also been damaged by stones falling in the house, and people were being injured. However, in this case, the police has not yet registered any kind of crime nor got have any clues about the unknown assailant.

The accused are human or ghosts

Local people said that when stone strikes, a group of ten to twelve youths of the village goes in search of the unknown accused across the entire area, but for the last six days, no accused seen nor caught. In this way, many people are also adding it to the system of tantra-mantra (misbelief) by this amazing incident, some people are also saying it is the action of a ghost.


Roof and other goods get broken

In this stone-pelting incident, the roofs of many houses have been broken. Strong houses with roofs are being saved, but the ones whose house is of khapper or asbestos, these get broken because of the falling stones fall on their roof. The complainant, Sakir Ali, told that the asbestos roof of his house has broken up in many places due to this stone-pelting. Also, the chairs of his house have also been broken.

Children goes to other houses to sleep

In his complaint, Sakeer Ali said that since his house is of asbestos, such a big stone can frighten him and his family while sleeping at night. In such a situation, he does not want to take a risk. That is why he sends his children to sleep at another’s house in the night, who have a strong house there. How long will people live in the shadow of fear?

No rivalry with anyone, still the stone-pelting continues

In this regard, resident of Navagarhi, Mehboob Alam told that he has been living here with his family for four years. They have no rivalries or dispute with anyone. Even so people were stone-pelting the houses. So Mehboob’s whole family is frightened. They say that, after all, we do not understand what one wants to achieve by stone-peltering at their houses.

Stones are collected

Local people have collected the raining stones from the sky on their homes. Many of the stones are of two kilos or more weight. In such a case, if such a heavy stone falls on any person, then it is difficult to survive. In this situation, the residents of Navagarhi don’t understand what to do.

In relation to the stone-pelting in Navagarhi area, a person has filed an application. In which there are signatures of a dozen people. Many people have also been injured in this stone-pelting, which has required medical attention. Night patrols have been enhanced in the area, while the search goes on. Legal action will be taken once someone is taken into their custody – DK Markandeya, TI Kotwali.


Video Transcript

A What is your good name?
B Sakshi Gandi.
A Where do you live?
B Navagarhi.
A Ok, lives in Navagarhi. What is happening here? I’ve heard that surprising events are happening here.
B Stones are hitting, as the stone-pelting happens again & again so the stones hitting our back sometimes, sometimes the head, neck and sometimes on our bed. See these stones are thrown.
A How long has this incident been happening?
B From four to five days.
A Has any information regarding this been given to the Police station?
B Yes, we informed the police station yesterday, but not anyone came here. Nothing has happened yet.
A It’s just falling down to you or on someone else too?
B Fallen on me, and my neighbours house too.
A What is the name of that neighbour?
B I don’t know his name.
A So, did you search around?
B Yes, we searched all around. Eight to ten boys tried to find out about this but can’t find anything.
A Is this incident happening in the day or in the night?
B Right from today, it has started in the day. Yesterday, it starts at 7 o’clock in the evening and continues till 11 o’clock in the night.
A How are you living in this situation now?
B Sleeping in the house of other people, whose houses are strong.
A Right now, I see some children are scared and are afraid to come to this side. What is the reason?
B Yes, we are searching all around. Eight to ten boys are going find out about this but can’t find anything.
A My children are in his house, they’re sleeping them there.
B Too many large stones are falling from somewhere & we can’t find from where it is coming. Now, we are talking and don’t know from where it will come.
A The roof of your house, this sheet is broken; Is it broken because of this?
B Yes this is because of the stones.

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