Mysterious Rock-Throwing in Joaçaba, Brazil

A rock-throwing poltergeist may be active in rural south of Brazil. Residents of four homes in Linha Santa Clara Baixa, Joaçaba claim that for over a week their homes have been mysteriously pelted by rocks coming from all directions.

There is a suggestion that this case may be a prank as the primary witness claims to have seen ‘people moving’ around near her home and what looked like a torch shining in various directions. We will continue to watch the case closely.

The story broke in the web site of Éder Luiz of 27 November, with translation from Portuguese below:

A phenomenon still unexplained intrigues and terrifies residents of the interior of Joaçaba.

Five days ago homes were hit by rocks and not even the police who witnessed one of the stonings could see who were the suspects.

Residents of four homes from Linha Santa Clara Baixa, the interior of Joaçaba, are intrigued and scared with a situation that until now there is no explanation for. Their homes are being hit by rocks of a medium size that would need to be thrown by someone with good strength and close by to hit the roofs. The occurrences started in the last Friday, 23 November. According to the residents, the incidents were even witnessed by military officers that could not identify where the rocks were coming from.

According to resident Dulce Mari de Melo Sobrinho, revealed to the portal Éder Luiz, the first occurrence was in the last Friday, around 19:30. At that moment the military police were called for the first time. The officers looked for the suspects around the houses but didn’t find anyone. On Saturday 24th, the houses were hit by rocks again in the night. The police were again at the scene and this time they were surprised by the stones.

“When the officer left the car, rocks fell. They went toward the houses and each time they got closer, more rocks came. They even shot into the sky, in that dark, but the rocks didn’t stop. They searched, and didn’t find anything, not even where they were coming from”.

The report by the military police registers that in fact, officers were in the place registering the occurrence and points out that the rocks were seen, but that nothing was identified as the author of the damage. According to Dulce, as nothing has been seen, the officers gave her the advice to look for spiritual help.

“They asked if here was a hunted place and advised to look for a priest or a pastor because they said that can be spirits”.


The occurrences started happening during the day from this last Sunday, 25 when hit the houses around 14:00. On Monday, the fact started to happen again and by the end, this last Tuesday, 27 the resident said that the rocks were noticed around 14:00. According to her, everything takes around 30 scary minutes, coming back to happen again after around 2 hours later the first stoning.

The news report noticed the size of the rocks. Some of them are on top of the houses and a shack, are big and to be able to hit the houses they could only be thrown from a medium distance from the residences. Which would become hard to do and not be seen, even with the trees and the vegetation. Another thing that is intriguing according to Dulce is that the rocks come from many directions, as if the houses were surrounded.

“I’m afraid, I can’t go out to work. Before this, the kids used to play in the street, now they cannot even do this now”, says the resident.

About the possibility of some supernatural phenomenon, Dulce says she doesn’t believe it.

“We don’t have enmity with anyone, we just work. I think it is someone who wants to do evil things. I’m surprised because I have lived here for 12 years now and this is the first time I see something like this”.

Human or not, the fact is that the residents are very scared and looking for some kind of help that will stop this daily dread.

“When the rocks start to fall I despair. My daughter has already stayed two nights just crying with fear. I’m not going to lie, I’m also terrified”, she said.

The Éder Luiz report also featured a video of the case, with full translation below:

Reporter: We are in the community of Santa Clara Baixa, the interior of Joaçaba, where a very intriguing fact has terrified the residents. Around 4 to 5 residents here since Friday from last week started to witness a phenomenon that until now, doesn’t have any explanation. Rocks are being thrown against the houses making them hostages and very scared. Because inside these houses, the rocks end up hitting the roofs and many of them penetrating it inside the residences, and outside as well. In other words, there is no protection for the residents since the last Friday.

The police already have been here, made searches, even witnessed that the rocks hit the residences, police officers even shot according to the residents but the phenomenon didn’t stop and the residents are terrified. There is not a logical explanation for this fact, because according to them, the rocks come from all sides and not from a single direction. We came here to check it out and it’s really impressive the size of the rocks that hit the roofs and the fear that the residents are passing through wanting that this problem is solved for them to live their normal lives again.

Reporter: This is one of the houses that were hit, one of the roofs of one the houses that were hit, see that there is still rocks here and holes in the roof as well. They are very apprehensive because there is no reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, even the police officers themselves asked if the place here is haunted, as if it is a type of supernatural phenomenon. The residents, worried without knowing what’s happening, looking for spiritual help, to try if they could ward off evil and the rocks that are hitting the houses, but until now the phenomenon keep happening.
Reporter: Dulce. When did the rocks start to hit your house and the houses of your neighbors?
Dulce: Friday. It was around 19:30 in the night that it started and since then it seems to be getting worse every day. Before it was just in the night and now it’s happening in the day as well. We are worried because we are kind people, so we don’t know why this is happening…the rocks, are rocks very big, very dangerous.
Reporter: It started on Friday, we are on Tuesday now and until now it did not stop?
Dulce: Yes. Until today it didn’t stop and now it’s starting during the day. Until Saturday it was just on the night and on Sunday that started around 14:00 in the afternoon.
Reporter: And how long does it last?
Dulce: Around half an hour and then it stops for 2 hours and starts again.
Reporter: And the rocks that hit here are big, right?
Dulce: Yes. Big rocks. It’s not small rocks, these are rocks that can kill a person, if hit a person it can kill.
Reporter: Are you scared to stay even inside your homes?
Dulce: Yes. I need to work and can’t go outside because until now, it is very complicated.
Reporter: Did you call the police in – how many times?
Dulce: We called since Friday. We called Friday at night, Saturday at night, Sunday and yesterday in the afternoon.
Reporter: Did they come all the time?
Dulce: Yes, they came all the time, but they didn’t find anything.
Reporter: What did they do?
Dulce: They sent to look for a priest because think is a spirit.
Reporter: Didn’t find any trace a human being?
Dulce: Nothing.
Reporter: They went to search and didn’t find anything?
Dulce: Yes, they went to search and didn’t find anything. Not even where the rocks were coming from.
Reporter: They advised you to look for spiritual help?
Dulce: Yes. They said it is a spiritual problem.
Reporter: What do you think? You said you don’t have a problem with anyone, that the neighborhood is very calm. What do you think of everything?
Dulce: I believe it is someone that wants to do evil because we don’t… We a re kind people, we don’t have enmity with no-one. I just work, everybody here just works, so we don’t know what to say. We got very surprised because I have lived here for a long time, more than 10, 12 years that I live here, it’s the first time I see. I always leave my house unlocked, let my daughter play outside and now my daughter stayed 1, 2 nights crying because she is very terrified, she is 7 years old, and there are the kids close to here, that one is 7 years old and one of 11 years old that saw everything, saw rocks and got terrified.
Reporter: When the rocks start to fall it is terrifying?
Dulce: Yes. It is terrifying for the kids and me as well, I’m not going to lie. I’m terrified as well.
Reporter: This is the main street that gives access to Santa Clara Baixa and also for the houses that are getting hit by the rocks. From here we can have a notion and imagine if someone would be throwing from here this rocks, the person would have to possess a superhuman strength. Behind me is the place where the houses are, a very large distance, really large and even for the size of the rocks, that’s why the police were here and didn’t find any trace that someone would be throwing from here to get in that houses over there, the rocks that hit the residences.
Dulce: When a police officer came here, a rock hit the house?
Reporter: Yes, at the same moment. The officer got out the car and the rock felt. Each time they got close, more rocks came.
R: The officer even shot their guns?
Dulce: Yes, they had to shoot, but nothing. Didn’t see anything, no different type of trace. Nothing.
R: Another interesting detail, that you’ve told. This rock doesn’t come from a unique direction?
Dulce: Yes, It doesn’t have a unique direction. It comes to my house, in the house of my neighbor and in the other corner of a different house. So there are more people, It’s not a single person doing this.
Reporter: It wouldn’t be someone throwing rocks from the street up there?
Dulce: Yes. It’s here from the region.
Reporter: But, from all sides?
Dulce: Yes, from all sides, many sides. It’s more than one person. Even our husbands got outside and were scared of getting hit to defend our family, and yet no one found anything.
Reporter: Did you find some type of orientation? Because the own police said for you to look for spiritual help.
Dulce: Haha. We tried but I think that spirit doesn’t walk. I don’t believe that a spirit is going to walk and I will see. I saw… I saw people moving around. Yes, can be a person that is demon-possessed…
Reporter: You also even saw a light?
Dulce: Yes. I saw the torch. And he kept the torch on so that people couldn’t see him. He was searching the place he was.
Reporter: The light pointed out in many directions?
Dulce: Yes. Many directions. So, since Friday I don’t close my eyes because who is going to sleep with dangers around!
Reporter: By coincidence when we left the place. A formation in the sky caught the attention of our staff. If the phenomenon of the rock is human or not, the fact is that the residents are very afraid and looking for some kind of help that could stop this daily dread.

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