Evil Pombéro Prowls Caapucú, Paraguay

Strange events in the streets of Caapucú, Paraguay, have locals certain that the evil Pombéro is roaming their neighborhood, according to the Buenos Aires tabloid Cronica on April 8.

The Pombéro is a common figure in the mythology of the Guarani people of Paraguay. They are typically small in stature, ugly with large hairy hands and feet. The Pombéro move about in the night creating mischief, releasing cattle and stealing food.

Talk of the Pombéro in Caapucú began after a series of unexplained events; strange, rumbling, intermittent cries in the night, footsteps heard in dark passages, scratching on doors and windows and strange laughter in the night.

Now, that sounds like my street on any weeknight.

Still, the residents seem genuinely scared. According to Petrosa Vera (73): “Last night we were resting and suddenly we heard knocking on the windows, like it wanted to get in. We were very frightened with my grandchildren. When the noise passed, we went out to look, but there was no one. As we entered the room we found the bed all wet. We are really scared.”

The Cronica reports another local, Johana Ugarte, and her strange experience: “I saw something on the tip of a tree, but it disappeared quickly. Many say it is the Pombéro, others the sad souls or spirits of people who died in an accident a long time ago, but still hovering around here. They throw stones at the houses and hit the windows. The neighborhood is haunted it seems. All we have left is to pray and bless the place.”

Pombéro, poltergeist or simply mass hysteria? Time may tell.

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