Mysterious Rain of Stones in Bankhedi, Madhya Pradesh

First a rain of coins and now stones. Residents of Madhya Pradesh in India may well be wondering what’s next! The following report comes from the Patrika Hindi News web site on March 5, 2018 by journalist Sandeep Nayak.

While the case is intriguing, it’s important to note that throwing stones is a fairly common way to express one’s grievances in India. The showers of stones in Bankhedi were certainly odd; the assault continued for over a week and stones appeared to come from ‘all directions’.

The translation follows:

Midnight Rain of Stones on Houses Has People in a Panic

People are demanded security after lodging a complaint in Police Station

Bankhedi. Nowadays residents of ward Number 11 are living in terror. The condition is so bad that people are not able to sleep during day or night. People are guarding their homes throughout the night but no one has any idea about the source of the falling stones. The case took place in the Bankhedi village of Hoshangabad.

Stones start falling as soon as it gets dark

Stones start falling at the homes as it gets dark in ward number 11 of Jamadari Mohalla. This is a weird event. According to the residents of the locality, from around 8 or 9 pm or late night to between 2 to 3 am, unidentified people throw big stones on the homes from different directions.

Homes are getting damaged

According to the people they are feeling terrified after this event. They always live in fear … Besides that, many homes are being damaged, cement sheets are also getting damaged. This incident has been taking place for the last eight to ten days.

Memorandum handed down in police station

Local residents lodged a complaint in the Police station under the leadership of Dindayal Kushwaha after this event of falling of stones. It was stated that people are feeling fearful because of this event. They are feeling scared when they step out of their homes. They fear getting hurt by the stones. People have demanded an enquiry of the case for their security.

Nothing has been figured out yet

How the stones falling – is anyone involved in mischief or is it a natural event? The cause has not been found yet. This is the reason that people have approached the Police for help and demanded security so that they can get rid of this problem.


An image of the memorandum to police on the Patrika web site is translated as follows:

To Station House Officer, Police Station Bankhedi

Subject: Complaint against unknown people for spreading terror in Ward Number 11 Bankhedi (Jamadari Mohalla + Gurjar Mohalla) by throwing stones at the resident’s homes.


I, complainant Dindayal Kushwaha resident of ward Number 11, Bankhedi wish to request that: Stones are being thrown on homes of the residents of Ward 11 of Gurjar Mohalla and Jamadari Mohalla by the unknown people between 9 to 10 pm. It has been going on for last 8 to 10 days. This event has led to terror across the locality. Clothes and cement sheets at the resident’s homes are getting damaged due to this. People are feeling terrified while stepping out of their homes as they might get hurt by stones and can get serious injuries. Anti-social elements has been seen roaming around in the locality. Therefore I request you to kindly investigate the matter and take necessary legal action.


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