Chupacabras Kill Sheep In Piedras Negras, Mexico

Well, that’s the claim by the Noticias El Sol de La Laguna of 15 February 2018, anyway.

Chupacabras tend to get the blame for a lot of unexplained animal deaths across the Americas. The concept is particularly popular around Torreon,  Mexico where the story below appeared. Like most of the chupacabras killings, there are many likely causes before one has to resort to a mythical monster.

The article is presented with the permission of Cia Periodistica de El Sol de Coahuila S.A. de C.V, with the photo is reproduced with the permission of Mario Vazquez Rana/Organiziacion Editorial Mexicana S.A de C.V. Copyright remains with these organisations.

“Chupacabras” Resurfaces, killing two lambs
Author: Carlos Desmoctt Sasso

In Piedras Negras, Coahuila School Students of Agricultural Technology Center # 210 of the municipality of Zaragoza, was found the remains of two dead sheep inside the yard of the school, but there is no trace of who might be responsible.

One explanation claimed that it was once again the “chupacabras” because the sheep were intact in their skin, with flesh wounds in the neck and few traces of blood. Whatever killed them ate none of the meat.

Students belong to the agricultural technicians campus where the director of the institution, when informed of the facts, came to the yard accompanied by veterinarians.

“We do not know who or what caused it, nobody saw or heard anything. We believe happened at dawn, when we realized what happened we went to the place. The bodies of the animals were still in a state of post mortem with some rigidity. This is something that has never happened on campus, we find no explanation, perhaps could have been an animal or a human hand that did this, “he said.

A complaint shall be filed with the authorities who will investigate who was responsible.

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