The Terror in Turza Wielka

While it would appear from my sources that the poltergeist episode in Turza Wielka, Poland has ceased, an interesting video has emerged of the family and the house at the centre of the late 2017 case. The full translation of the Gazeta Olsztyńska video is below:

Turza Wielka – exorcisms in the haunted house

[Woman] – No, it’s not the apartment, we just want to chase away this ghost.

[Journalist] – And you think that exorcist will help?

[Woman] – We hope so, and we are waiting for him impatiently. We are full of hope that he will successfully move out our “lodger”. We don’t know what is the cause. We spoke with one exorcist in Połęż. He prayed for us, and afterward, he told us that he had those two thoughts in his mind during the prayer. First of all, he asked me if I have bought any new furniture or a carpet recently, so I told him that I bought a couch from a friend. I gave back the couch but the “lodger” stayed with us… As a second reason, he mentioned that maybe someone has cast a curse on us. I must say that we are not in the best relationship with our neighbours so it could be the reason as well. Honestly, we don’t know what is the reason. We have been living in this house for so many years and we are in shock, yes 15 years, because of what we are experiencing right now. Because it is a terrifying experience. It’s a nightmare. It’s worse than a horror movie.

[Journalist] – When did it start?

[Woman] – It has actually started with that couch. I bought it on Wednesday, it was used, that’s true. We brought it to the house, and we have slept the night normally. On Thursday, the batteries fell down from the cabinet. On Friday night, coins started falling down from everywhere, we didn’t know what is happening. It was like someone was throwing them from all sides. Here on the floor. First was the coins, then the playing blocks, spoons, forks, knives, padlocks… A padlock is quite heavy, right? Everything from the kitchen and from this room. We were horrified. At 11 PM we called the priest. Before he came, water started leaking from the ceiling, and there was no stain or anything… The priest came, hallowed the apartment, we prayed together and he left.

On Saturday, I wanted to clean the house but I couldn’t do anything. I cleaned the window and wanted to hang a curtain but I couldn’t because the small object has started to fly all around again. I went to see the priest one more time, and he just said: “woman, take your children and run away”.
My husband came back from work and we drove over to my in-laws. At 17.30 we had a holy mass celebrated in our intention. The priest came by again, he blessed the house one more time and he put his hat on the bed. After some time this Biretta fell down on the floor. We lifted it, and underneath it was the padlock.

We’ve all got scared so we started to Pray the Rosary. We finished the prayer and priest, who was all shaky, took his things and left. After some time we have found the big kitchen knife in the hall. We took the children and went to our in-laws. We have spent the weekend there and on Monday I went to the municipal office to ask for help. I explained what is happening, but the mayor said that he doesn’t have any substitute flat for us to stay, so we stayed in Caritas.

We returned to the house at Tuesday, and we thought that everything will finally be fine. It was peaceful and calm for two days, and we started to think that it’s finally over, that we could live like normal people again, but then, on Thursday night, the knives started to fly into the room. Only the knives, they were flying in all directions.

I keep some set of cutlery in the attic, for the special occasions, so he took the spoons even from there to throw them at us. And those spoons were so hot like they were baked in the oven. It was like something was carrying and suddenly dropped this knife. Or threw it. In the middle of the room, and by the door.

[Journalist] – Did you see all of that?

[Woman]- Yes, I saw that. At one point he threw a wine glass, which hit the cabinet and fell apart after hitting the floor. In the bathroom, there were two crossed knives lying on the toilet. We got really scared. We didn’t know what all that knives could mean. I’m afraid for my children. They are very lively, and they are all over the place so I’m scared that they might get hit.
We’ve run away to my in-laws again, around 1 AM

[Journalist] – on Friday?

[Woman] – Yes, on Friday. Next morning I went to the municipal office again and told them about our problem, so they let us stay in Caritas. We have been there until today. We got back this morning and it is quiet for now. We would like it to stay this way so we can get our lives back. In the end, we will be forced to live in the backyard. We can’t go to my in-laws anymore because my mother in law is very ill and the family of six would be a burden for anyone.

[Daughter]- I’m a little scared because it’s throwing so hard…

[Journalist] – What are you scared the most?

[Daughter] – All of those flying objects.

[Journalist] – Do your friends at school know about this?

[Daughter] – Yes, they do.

[Journalist] – And what they say about it?

[Daughter] – They are sending me text messages asking if it’s true.

[Journalist] – Are you a real exorcist or more like self-styled exorcist?

[Pastor] – I’m a Protestant, so there is no exact Catholic term for what I do. In the Protestant church, you don’t need to be designated to serve like it is in the Catholic church. First of all, I would like to talk with the family about the spirituality in this house, then we will pray together and finally we will ask this demon to leave.

[Daughter] – Do you have any experience with cases like this one?

[Pastor] – Yes.

[Journalist] – How did they look like?

[Pastor] – Very similar to this one. Families couldn’t live in their own houses because of some scary activities. The tension forced them to leave their homes. Many times I saw people who actually got hurt. I have learned from my experience that occultism favors appearing of the demons, but in general, they are present wherever is the sin, and the sin is everywhere. Demons are dishonest by the definition. Jesus calls them “liars”, ‘thieves” and “murderers” so their actions are based on injustice.

[Journalist] – But they have already prayed, used the holy water and built a little altar, and it didn’t help, right?

[Pastor] – Yes, and now we are about to see what will happen next. I would like to tell you what can be helpful in this whole situation. I believe that Jesus by his crucifixion dealt with every sin, enslavement, disease, and problem that is put in front of the man. And now, referring to what Jesus has done on the cross, we can change the spiritual reality of the place. And that is the purpose of me being here. I want to tell you how Christ can change the situation here in your place, and permanently get rid of the demons. I’m converted for 25 years, and I was tormented by the demons during my conversion. I was liberated.

We have prayed, we succeeded to declare the rule of Christ over this family and each member separately, and that was our goal. In the most similar cases, one visit was enough, but if the family wishes for, I can visit them again. What they need is Christ. He is the savior, not any other man. All I can do in this whole situation is to show that the salvation is in the Christ and that he is worthy to trust him with all your heart. We prayed, we entrusted ourselves to his protection and we trust that it will change this situation.

[old man]- I know this area because I was born here and I was living before in this house, since 1974.

[Journalist] – At the same house?

[old man] -Yes

[Journalist] – And nothing like that happened before?

[old man] – No. I was living here, first upstairs and then on the ground floor until 1987. I have been living here so many years and never heard or seen such oddity. I don’t know what is going on. I don’t believe in such things. And I am a believer. I can only believe that a real person can attack you, not a ghost. A ghost can’t do any harm. Only a living person can kill you or something.

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  1. Thank you so much for following up on this. Seems kind of textbook, well, as textbook as a poltergeist case can be, with the teenage girl and what I imagine is a somewhat stressful home environment.

  2. I agree DGF. The teenage girl may well be the focus of the event. I’m in touch with the ‘exorcist’ in this case so there might be further updates soon.

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