Stone Throwing Poltergeist Torments Zimbabwe Family

Reports of mysterious ‘rains’ of stones are common in Zimbabwe. In late 2017, I visited the country to investigate two active cases; one at Chinhoyi and another at Buhera. The latest report comes from Bikita, around 50 miles east of Masvingo.

According to a story posted on Tell Zimbabwe by reporter Brilliant Mukaro, the Musirinofa family from Muhura village was living in constant fear of being assaulted by stones whenever they set foot outside their home.

The family believed the strange attacks are being caused by an avenging spirit of a family member killed by their elderly father, Koniwa Musirinofa. Koniwa had apparently barricaded himself alone in the house to avoid the barrage of stones that came from all directions, smashing into doors, windows and roofs when he ventured outside.

The strange events had begun in December 2017 when Koniwa had been working in the fields. In typical poltergeist style, a nearby sack of maize had begun to ‘leapfrog’ on its own before suddenly vanishing. Koniwa’s walking stick was then snatched and it too disappeared. Back in his home, his bed flipped over, trapping him underneath, before stones began falling on the upturned bed.

The story also claims that his son had stated that Koniwa had confessed that the was behind the death of his daughter in 2004.

As a likely location for a poltergeist, the Musirinofa house certainly sounds like it fits the bill.

The full report can be found on on Tell Zimbabwe.

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